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Ionic Beauty Facial Steamer, Portable Face Spa Steamers With Magnetic Therapy
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Product: Views:29Ionic Beauty Facial Steamer, Portable Face Spa Steamers With Magnetic Therapy 
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Ionic Beauty Facial Steamer, Portable Face Spa Steamers With Magnetic Therapy


Facial Steamer Specifications

Reduce the wrinkles and restore delicate and smooth

Soften the cuticle and improve the absorbency of skin

Make our skin absorb enough nutrition

Light spots and kill skin bacteria



Facial Steamer

Operation System


Brand Name

Steam Code

Main Material


Model Number



application of magnetized water




What Is a Facial Steamer?

A facial steamer is a device that releases steam to achieve healthy-looking, clear skin. An easy-to-use facial steamer alternative can be created inexpensively. Skin-related problems such as redness especially are considerably lessened by the use of a facial steamer.

Main Functions:
1) Remove the deep dirt
Steam expansion of epidermal soft cells, easy to remove aging skin cells leaving skin smooth and delicate. Steam make the pores open, easy to remove deep dirt and excessive secretion of sebum, the skin to breathe smoothly.

2) Improve the water shortage
Hot mist of water molecules easily absorbed by the cells, increase moisture and leaves skin moist and elastic.

3) Promote blood circulation
Steam can make blood flow at regional blood flow of the skin, more ruddy complexion.


Product features:

1. All detachable elements make you feel more convenient to replac it. Cool & warm tanks can be washed. It can kill bacteria and remove inflammation.

2. Cold water tank is separated from hot water tank, which has been improved much from traditional cold-hot double spraying. Thus cold spray and hot spray works respectively excellently through their own channel, not affecting each other.

3. Adopt imported parts, never attenuate. Don’t do any harm to atomization slice, titanium alloy atomization slice. Atomization time is up to 10000 hours.

4. Stainless steel heating pipe never rusts.

5. Adopt European water level detection mode----No water, automatically cut off electricity.

6. Sufficient cold spray; cold and hot spray can use at the same time to form warm spray.

7. Nice, elegant and easy to operation.


Procedure for installation and operation

1. Put the machine on the smooth table.

2. Place the spray pipe to the vapor’s exit.

3. Press the hot water cup upward and then screw it.

4. Fill water into the hot water cup from the hot-spraying water inlet until the water level gets close to the high limit for water filling. So it is with cool water tank.

5. Plug to power, press the switch to begin the operation.(Attention: The machine will utter alarm sound when you turn on hot spray switch if there’s no water or too much water in the hot cup.)


Attention for operation

1. Don’t place the machine upside down or tilt it when it is in operation. Don’t operate cold spraying or hot spraying when there is no water. Don’t use water to wash the machine. Change the water inside the cold water tank and the hot water tank and clean them frequently, and power plug must be unplugged before water changing and draining. Drain all the water out of the machine if it is not used for a long time.

2. In order to avoid danger, the water level must not exce4ed the hot wate4r cup’s high limit or water filling. Please don’t take down the spray pipe during the runtime.

3. Never pour the herbal medicine, essence and so on into the water tank directly. Or else it will damage the instrument.

4. Press the hot switch and cool switch for warm vapor.


Analysis of Common Failures

Vapor Steamer


Source of trouble



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